I've been taking photographs of the world around me since I was in sixth grade when my mother gave me a Yashica D twin-lens reflex. When touring with the Motels in the '80s I had a Bronica ETRS medium-format SLR and now I use an iPhone and a Lumix digital camera. There is no theme here; just how things look when photographed.

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The Motels at Johnny D's, Somerville MA Dec 4, 2015

The Go-Go's Guitars, Rewind Tour Summer 2014. Note clever reuse of a David Lee Roth road case...

Greg Hawkes, Los Angeles, 2014. The Cars keyboard and sax player, and also a remarkable ukulele player.

Brick Building, NYC 2014

Self Portrait, Voluntown, CT, 2014. American Cheese.

The Happiest Garage in North America. Kirkland, WA, 2015

Coffeeshop, Dearborn, MI 1980s

David Lynch and Martha Davis, 1980s, Glendale, CA

James Coburn, New Delhi, Dec 1970

Mast Reflections, Kirkland, WA 2013

Philip Roth's Writing

Seattle Art Museum

Recycled Aluminum Umbrella Stand, Kirkland, WA

Backstage Posturing, 2015

Toiletries, U.S.A. 2016